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Opinion | How Trump can mitigate the damage of folding on the census

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It’s a big loss for Trump, the attorney general, the Constitution and the rule of law.The president had been dealt a bad hand by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and by generally bad lawyering until Attorney General William P. Like the four dissenters in the census case — the other four conservatives on the court — they are distressed by the prospect of district-court judges swarming over the decision-making of an executive-branch agency and calling out “true” or “false.” It’s a serious breach in the wall of separation between the branches.The president and the attorney general can mitigate the damage by fighting in the district courts with a new statement of purpose and looking toward the 2030 Census. Graham (R-S.C.) are ready, willing and able to move five quality nominees, which would lessen the bitter aftertaste of the collapse on the census case.I spent much of the Friday edition of my radio show asking callers whether they were supporters of Trump and, if so, were they disappointed in the president’s decision?

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