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Packers WR Davante Adams Talks Future in Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers and More

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B/R: Oh, that's great. So that's, what? The Building Better Lives program is about promoting access to fitness for everyone, and me being from a city like East Palo Alto, a community in need, having those resources as a kid or even a little bit older heading into college would've been huge and played a big role in potential offers for college and just different exposure I didn't have being where I'm from.Justin Jefferson and I are doing this fitness challenge, trying to win fitness equipment for Optimum Nutrition and for our hometowns by encouraging people to work out. I have kind of a West Coast style and he has a bit of a Southern style, but it's something we both talked about individually where it's like, 'Man, this is something that would've been huge when we were coming up just to be able to have that.' I think he may have been a little bit higher recruited than I was.I didn't play football until my junior year of high school, but both of us being from not the greatest backgrounds and not having a whole lot of money and resources, this whole collaboration has been great. B/R: As we speak, based on everything that's transpired lately, what do you think the likelihood is of Aaron Rodgers staying with the Packers?DA: Honestly, I'm not a gambling man, so it's tough to say what the chances are on that, but we're all just praying that he comes back. B/R: How has your relationship with Aaron grown over the last several years?DA: It's been a very gradual growth. B/R: Outside Aaron, is there anyone else on the team you're just as close with?DA: I love all my teammates, man. I'm really close with all my wideouts. B/R: What do you see the keys to victory being with the Packers this year after such a strong season last year?DA: Just expanding off what we've done the last two seasons.

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