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People Are Recalling The Exact Moment They Knew They Had A Toxic Family, And All Of Them Are Beyond Abusive

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"My son died — and my mom would call me every day to tell me about how much weight she’d lost."BuzzFeed StaffNote: This post contains mentions of abuse, suicide, and sexual assault.—Anonymous "Oh, she then tried to divorce him, but the lawyer I hired informed her she would lose access to his pension and house."—Anonymous —dawnw42c9bb8ed—rads4135"I ended the post by reminding him what a piece of shit he is and that I hope to never speak to him again. They also refuse to get me a therapist — but I’m looking forward to the future." —Anonymous —Anonymous "After that incident, an emotional wall went up between my wife and I and my family that never came down and we spent less and less time with them."—sidneykaler—hannahw432d6c6f0"I've had minimal contact this year, and I've felt more like myself than any other point in my life."—wanderingcurl"We chose to stay home from the holidays this year and no one understands why.

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