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People Are Sharing How They Got Deliciously Petty Revenge On Their Roommates, And I Can't Stop Cackling

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He slept through his alarm at least four times in two weeks.Eventually, he finally changed his alarm pattern so he’d only have one alarm."—u/butterflychunks"Next, I had a storage bin full of snacks I’d buy when my mom would send me some money, just cereal, granola bars, you know college crap. After I had moved all of my boxes and cleaned up, she left to go somewhere and I left all of her 'misplaced' ID cards on the desk on her side of the room."—u/bbbg214"So as I moved out, I got tired of taking the high road. I know I’m an asshole for this, but just thinking about her raging over it is making me feel some sense of justice for the whole situation."—u/educational_arm6458"The only time he ever DOES clean (and I help) is when we are having friends over, which is about once every two months. For the past 30 minutes, I can hear him organizing and cleaning, and he just spent half that time vacuuming.Once it sounds like he's finished, I'll be sure to let him know that tonight is cancelled. Until then, I'm staying in my room and letting him clean up his own messes, which I know he wouldn't do otherwise."—u/roguevolcano"I forgot my card one day and wanted some candy. My cat is getting sick every other day from the stress of the new cat and Jill totally went back on our agreement to have any kind of introduction.Jill stopped communicating with anyone in the house, freaked out if we tried to talk to them, and is now (thankfully) moving out. Can I pay you double next month?' I'd have accepted this, if her mum wasn't giving her money every month doubling what she was getting in student loan.There was naturally a lot of tension in the house because of this, so I started staying over at my boyfriends the odd night, which turned into three nights, until I unofficially moved in. This went on for about four keys until they finally decided to move out for other reasons."—u/onceagainslowly"So this goes on for a couple of weeks. If he won't clean the kitchen, let's see if he'll clean his room."—u/greenyoyo11"Things were disappearing, one or two every day. All of it.The only thing I regret is not getting to see her reaction when she went to pee and realized she had nothing to wipe with."—u/teacherpalooza"Her one good quality is she likes to be clean. I end up walking out of the bathroom shining like a sunset and smelling like a god damned unicorn."—u/chugz"I finally snapped when I wanted to wash my clothes but only found an empty box that used to contain my washing powder.

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