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People Shared Their "Whoops, I Accidentally Watched A Sex Scene With A Parent" Stories And, Honestly, LOL


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My mom was out playing bingo that night and she called to check in right after that scene, and my dad exclaimed, 'You couldn’t have called 20 seconds ago?!' It’s been 24 years and I still cringe thinking about it."—imbatmom2"I was visiting my grandparents (I was 19 at the time and they were in their early 80s) and we were looking for something to watch. Then, when the movie was over, my grandpa said, 'Well, I don’t remember all that happening in the book!' and my grandma replied, 'It’s called Cold Mountain...I didn’t think so many people would have their clothes off!'"—sammccoy"I was 15 and I begged my mom to let me see this with her while my dad took my siblings to see Big Fat Liar. My grandmother was mortified, my grandad was stoic (except that his face got progressively redder throughout the movie), and father was laughing hysterically the entire time."—incorrigible_turtles"I’m 23 now, but when I was younger, I ALWAYS got to pick the movie at the theater when I'd go with my dad...and he ALWAYS fell asleep. Thanks for blocking her Dad, you're the best!"—laribmcmanus"I was obsessed with the history of the Titanic as a kid, so when the movie came out (I was in middle school), my Dad picked me up early from class so we could watch it in theaters together. I watched this classic with my parents when I was 11 or so, and nobody expected a sex scene to be in it since it was sold as a fast-paced action movie. While it wasn’t really that bad of a sex scene, it was still sooo awkward!"—donoteatmynachos"My dad convinced my mom to let me watch this with them when I was in KINDERGARTEN.

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