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Pfizer 3-dose COVID vaccine 80% effective against symptomatic omicron infection for youngest children

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Positivity     37.00%   
   Negativity   63.00%
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It also depends on the time it takes FDA to sift through Moderna’s application, which includes a request to authorize its vaccine not only for the youngest kids, but also kids 6 to 17.Though the FDA’s leaders have repeatedly said they would not unnecessarily hold up Moderna’s authorization, it’s possible that the FDA’s panel of independent experts call for authorizing Moderna and Pfizer side-by-side.Because they’re both for the same general age group but are different vaccines with different levels of protection, some experts believe it will be easier to authorize them together and allow parents to choose which vaccine to give their kids with all of the information available.But many parents and pediatricians want the vaccine that’s available soonest, after two grueling years of waiting.Though children under five is the last remaining age group that’s yet to be vaccinated, polls indicate there could be sluggish uptake.A recent survey from KFF found that just under 1 in 5 parents are eager to get their children under five vaccinated right away.However, the KFF poll more than half of parents said that they feel they do not have enough information about the vaccines’ safety and efficacy for children under age 5 — which could change after the public FDA advisory meetings to discuss the pediatric data."Parents should also be aware that this preliminary data will be supplemented by additional data in June, which will then be thoroughly reviewed by both the FDA and the CDC," Patel said.24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events

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