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PlayStation 5 UI revealed: ?Activity? shortcuts, picture-in-picture

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This requires your friend to tap "screen share" on their own system, at which point you can slap their video feed onto your screen, either as part of a dedicated column or as an embed on top of your own gameplay.We at Ars Technica aren't partial to watching friends' gameplay feeds while playing games. While the rest of the video included a look at the "main menu" interface, which can be accessed with a double-tap of the PlayStation button and better resembles the game-library interface of PS4, the video's narrator made clear that Sony wasn't ready to reveal PS5's "media" suite of features.Further ReadingMicrosoft: “System processing” takes up 10 percent of Xbox One GPU timeXbox One launched with "Snap" as a way to embed media apps in a sidebar next to whatever game you were playing, only to retire this feature in 2017. Among other things, it appears to confirm that the PlayStation Store interface is now directly tied to the main menus instead of requiring a boot into a separate app, and its advertisement-filled "Explore" tab essentially keeps the rest of the game-choosing interface clean instead of placing ad-filled blocks on any default pages.Further ReadingThe first PlayStation 5 teardown reveals some hardware secretsAdditionally, we finally got a confirmation of what we'd long assumed: that the DualSense controller's built-in microphone will enable instant speech-to-text messaging, should you wish to quickly send a message or photo caption to friends without hunting and pecking over an on-screen keyboard.

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