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Politics and personal time: Making room for both at work


Derek Chauvin
Vanessa Guillen
CTO Anne Solmssen

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Positivity     50.00%   
   Negativity   50.00%
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Instead, a company should hire smart, motivated people and give them a framework to help them make the right decisions.Our working framework (and I say “working” because culture building, for us, is a work in progress) is borrowed heavily from Netflix: It’s the dual concepts of freedom and responsibility. We’ve prioritized a people ops hire because it’s a crucial function and if we don’t invest in it early, we’ll continue to have issues fall through the cracks.Yes, co-founders should be personally invested in company culture, but people ops is a craft and requires expertise. If you’d like to be part of a company that intentionally invests in company culture, come work with us.)I want to build a highly functional team where everyone can bring themselves to work and excuse themselves when they need a minute. I’m undeniably making mistakes along the way, but the best way to learn about where we stumble is to let our smart and capable team tell us, listen when they do and be intentional in building our company culture.Atomico’s talent partners share 6 tips for early-stage people ops success

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