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Price of pizza, chicken wings, other meals could shoot up: Experts

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Free subscriber-exclusive audiobook!“No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention”Get it now on using the button below.Pizza joints may soon have to raise their prices to cope with soaring ingredient costs, a New Jersey restaurant owner said.The restaurant industry is currently paying more for some ingredients because of supply-chain problems and falling production — and a shortage of workers is forcing them to push up wages, too.It's "inevitable" that the higher cost of ingredients will be passed onto the consumer, Anthony D'Aniello, owner of Manville Pizza in Manville, New Jersey, told Insider."The end consumer, if there's a victim, is the real victim here," he said.D'Aniello said that his supplier, who distributes across the US, had told him to expect "everything" to get more expensive — including flour."If flour gets increased, that's the biggest effect on my business because I own a pizzeria," D'Aniello said.Read more: How Starbucks is defying the labor shortage crisis with transformative perks, not cash teasers like McDonald's"You could see some restaurants seeing a 10% increase in their food costs," Kevin Burke, managing director and member of the consumer team at Citizens Capital Markets, part of Citizens Bank, told Insider.

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