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Project Cambria: All there is to know about Meta's rumored Oculus Quest Pro

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And at the heart of the burgeoning scene is expected to be Project Cambria, an in-development headset from Meta (né Facebook), following on from the successes of its Oculus product line.First announced at the Meta Connect conference in October 2021, Project Cambria is thought to be what many have previously referred to as the Oculus Quest Pro – a high-end virtual reality and augmented reality hybrid headset, distinct from the Oculus Quest 2 (and eventual Oculus Quest 3) in being a device aimed at and priced for the pro and enthusiast end of the mixed-reality market.Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg described it as “a completely new advanced and high-end product,” which will sit “at the higher end of the price spectrum.”Project Cambria is likely to represent the cutting edge of what’s currently possible in wireless virtual reality, unrestricted by the affordability constraints that other Oculus headsets were penned in by as Facebook / Meta looked to prove interest in widespread VR adoption.With Apple said to also be working on high-end virtual and augmented reality devices, not to mention the imminent launch of the PlayStation VR 2 headset from Sony, Meta will be looking to shore up its position right across the spectrum of all things VR.Interested? So far however, both eye tracking and facial tracking are mainly expected to be used for avatar-based features – but their potential usage could go way beyond that.Many of these features can be seen in action in the video below – what is believed to be an orientation video for new users of the Project Cambria headset, which leaked ahead of the announcement for Project Cambria:Project Cambria will go beyond virtual reality experiences however, and will lean ever more into the augmented reality features that are increasingly becoming available to Oculus Quest users. It’s not quite the same as having transparent lenses, as seen in HoloLens or the hibernating Magic Leap headsets, but Cambria's augmented reality will also benefit from the expanded field of view that internal VR lenses can currently offer over transparent alternatives.Project Cambria, while remaining a head-mounted unit, will look rather different to existing hardware from Meta, thanks to the use of new lens types. Previous firmware leaks have suggested that some form of laser-tracking system between the controllers and headset will ensure the two remain in sync and in communication.Expect hand tracking to increasingly be the norm in VR and AR too; the tracking and processing improvements expected to be found in Project Cambria should help to make the device more accurate and comfortable in day to day use.Rest assured that the Oculus Quest 3, now more likely to be known as the Meta Quest 3, will still likely launch as a separate offering from the Project Cambria.Speaking with The Information, Zuckerberg stressed that the Oculus Quest line has a long life ahead of it. “Quest 2 will have a long life.”What will likely happen is that, going forward, Project Cambria will debut the most bleeding-edge VR features for enthusiasts, with those features being implemented later down the line in cheaper, successive Quest devices.There are now thought to be as many as 10 million Oculus Quest headsets in homes around the world, and it appears Meta has no intention of alienating its existing userbase by encouraging them to re-buy their VR libraries for any eventual Project Cambria headset.

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