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Puerto Rico Supreme Court Rules New Governor Was Unlawfully Sworn In

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Ms. Vázquez said she would step in as governor on Wednesday afternoon.“Puerto Rico needs certainty and stability,” Ms. Vázquez, who had previously said she did not want the job, said in a statement.The 29-page ruling, which states that Mr. Pierluisi “cannot remain in the position of governor,” will take effect at 5 p.m., “to guarantee an orderly succession.” Mr. Pierluisi has until then to ask for a reconsideration, though the agreement from the nine justices, reached just a day after receiving briefs in the case, suggests the court’s decision is firm.The court ruled in favor of the Puerto Rico Senate, which sued late on Sunday asking the court to issue a preliminary injunction against Mr. Pierluisi taking over the office of chief executive. But the crisis has revealed serious rifts among New Progressives, and protesters have made clear that they do not trust most institutions, especially not the party in government.Senator Eduardo Bhatia of the opposition Popular Democratic Party, which supports Puerto Rico’s commonwealth status, filed a court brief in support of the Senate’s lawsuit challenging Mr. Pierluisi’s appointment.“They have a habit of doing things in a way that is not consistent with the law,” said Mr. Bhatia, one of several Popular Democratic candidates running for governor next year.Kenneth McClintock, a former New Progressive secretary of state, said Mr. Pierluisi’s departure would not have a serious impact on governance.“He was never a governor,” Mr. McClintock said.

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