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Ranking the Worst Floppers in the NBA Since 2000

Atlanta Hawks
Toronto Raptors
Los Angeles Lakers
the Miami Heat
the Indiana Pacers
the Hall of Fame

Marcus Smart
Kyle Korver
Pascal Siakam
Vlade Divac
Shaquille O'Neal
Tony Allen
Gordon Hayward
Manu Ginobili
Draymond Green
LeBron James
Chris Paul
DeMarcus Cousins
James Harden


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the Golden State Warriors
the Flopping Hall of Fame

San Antonio Spurs

Western Conference Finals

Positivity     45.00%   
   Negativity   55.00%
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But in the last 20 years, several players have become known for their penchant to, shall we say, put their imagination into action.Our ranking of the NBA's most notable floppers is subjective, but it considers the reputation of players and number of memorable flops.Marcus Smart rides an interesting line between a tremendous, intense pest and a comical embellisher.While he's received two first-team NBA All-Defensive nods, Smart also has a reputation for flopping. Along with the accompanying video in which he stole a call on Gordon Hayward, Allen might run into a screen and pretend he took an elbow.Perhaps most memorably, Allen drew a sneaky flagrant foul on San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili in Game 2 of the 2013 Western Conference Finals.Allen's flopping added an infuriating trick to a resume that included six NBA All-Defensive honors.Draymond Green does a little bit of everything: passing, rebounding, scoring, kicking, screaming and flopping.You know, complete player!Respected for his on-court versatility and divisive for his emotional range, Green rose to flopping prominence as the Golden State Warriors built their dynasty. The regular-season MVP in 2017-18, he's averaged more than 25 points throughout his 12-year NBA career.Throw in the flopping, though, and he's become one of the most efficient—and aggravating—scorers in the league.During his wildly successful NBA career, Manu Ginobili built a reputation as one of the league's craftiest players.

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