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A few small issues, like software bugs and poor heat management, don’t detract much from the overall package.You may know Realme for its cheap phones and low-cost earbuds and smartwatches, but the company has just made its most eye-catching phone yet in the shape of the mid-range Realme GT.Named after the grand tourer type of sports car, with its connotations of sleek looks and high performance, the Realme GT is the first in a new series from the Chinese tech brand.Price and release date Should I buy it?While Realme has put out mid-ranged handsets before, with its X series sometimes putting feet tentatively over the line, this is the company’s first concerted effort to hit the low-cost/high-spec market with one distinctive line – and for the most part, the Realme GT is a roaring success as a phone that offers impressive specs at a low price.In terms of processing power the Realme GT laps its competitors, as it’s one of the most affordable phones to pack the Snapdragon 888 chipset. The screen looks great – it’s an AMOLED display with a smooth 120Hz refresh rate – and the phone’s body isn’t too big, so it’s easy to use one-handed.We can’t go without commending the Realme GT’s design either, as it’s certainly distinctive. The official euro price starts at €449, which converts to about $550, £390 or AU$710 at time of launch, and we’ve treated these conversions like official figures for the purposes of this review.The Realme GT has a distinctive design, with (on the phone we reviewed) a yellow faux-leather rear broken up by a black glass strip that trails down from the camera bump. The standard used to be 60Hz, and plenty of phones still stick to it, but the upgrade here means you’ll see motion looking smooth and slick (though you can downgrade to 60Hz or use a variable refresh rate, both of which will save on battery life, if you prefer).The Realme GT’s screen is good for the phone’s price, and is more than fit for purpose for anything you’ll be using the device for.The Realme GT has three rear cameras and one front one: on the back you’ve got 64MP main, 8MP ultra-wide and 2MP macro snappers, and round the front is a 16MP camera for selfies and video calls.We found pictures taken with the front camera appeared very bright, thanks to the post-processing beauty tools – perhaps a little too much so, in fact, as snaps looked a bit artificial at times. This wasn’t tied to problems with headphones or poor data connection, and we experienced the problem regularly, enough to highlight in this review.It’s possible that this bug isn’t widespread, so if you buy this phone it might not affect you, but we wouldn’t be doing our job if we failed to mention it.The Realme GT packs a 4,500mAh battery, which is about average for a phone at this price, and that’s the exact word we’d use to describe the device’s battery life: ‘average’.We found the Realme GT handily lasted a full day between charges, whether we were only checking social media now and then, or streaming Netflix, playing a quick game of Call of Duty: Mobile and listening to music throughout the day.With heavier use we sometimes saw the battery life drop to single-digit percentages by night-time, but we never needed to power up the phone during the day; a second full day of use was generally out of the question though.A full day of battery life is about average for a smartphone, but what’s not-so-average is the handset’s charging speed: at 65W, the Realme GT laps its competitors in this department.At this speed the phone goes from empty to full in just over half an hour, so you don’t need to worry about remembering to plug the device in overnight, as you can easily keep it topped with just a few minutes every morning.You want a powerful smartphone

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