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Report: Netflix outlines timeline to end your password sharing - and it's soon

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The streaming giant crackdown is swirlingNetflix has internally confirmed an intention to begin cracking down on password sharing before the end of 2022, according to the New York Times.It had previously been reported that the streaming giant was trialing adding a surcharge to any household that watched Netflix content using another household's account, but new reports have now confirmed it will be rolled out to every territory where Netflix operates. A series of belt-tightening measures, now accompanied by news that password-sharing will be coming to an end.Simply put, if you share your Netflix account with anybody outside of where you live, it'll cost you more to do so. As we said above, this move will anger people, especially right now and could lead to a raft of cancelled subscriptions, but if the change generates more income for the company and Netflix can boast growing subscriber numbers again in 2023, the company's executives will regard it as a gamble well worth taking.Correction: May 11, 2022An earlier version of this article used the word ‘Confirms’ in the headline - this has been removed, and the copy edited to reflect this, as TechRadar seeks to confirm the story from its own sources.

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