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'Safe harbor day' highlights Trump's election lawsuit failures ? and the judiciary's success

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State court judges and federal judges, Republican judges and Democratic judges have almost, without exception, thrown out or rejected the baseless suits filed by the Trump legal team and its allies. And the president made no secret of the fact that the rush to confirm Justice Amy Coney Barrett was in part based on his desire to solidify a conservative 6-3 majority for any post-election litigation.No thanks to Trump, trust in the Supreme Court especially has become divided, with liberals far less likely than conservatives to have a favorable opinion of the court. Sometimes, it requires a good deal of discretion and interpretation to arrive at a decision.And when it came to the post-election cases brought by the Trump legal team, little judicial discretion or interpretation was needed. Of these, the allegations made in court filings were often far more limited than Trump rhetoric would suggest, focusing on things like whether election observers had meaningful access to watch votes being counted.Trump and his allies have lost essentially all of the post-election litigation cases that have already been decided. These are not close calls.In Pennsylvania, it was one of Trump’s appointees, Third Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Stephanos Bibas, who wrote the majority opinion foreclosing Trump’s last remaining legal case in that state.

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