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If you don’t, you may miss out on some cool extra features offered by the Samsung Galaxy wearables app.True wireless headphones are one of the biggest trends in audio right now, with the major headphone brands attempting to claim a piece of the action following the introduction and subsequent success of Apple AirPods.And while the Samsung Galaxy Buds are the South Korean firm’s next big play in the true wireless headphones markets, they are not Samsung’s first attempt at true wireless: The company has produced two generations of the Gear IconX. Image Credit: TechRadar The Samsung Galaxy Wearable app tells you how much battery the buds have left when you pull them out of the case, but it doesn’t tell you how much charge the case has, unlike the Apple AirPods – instead you have  to rely on the LED on the outside of the case to tell you how much battery you have left.One of the most interesting features here is the fact that you can wirelessly charge these headphones in their case. Image Credit: TechRadar Where Samsung’s previous true wireless buds, the Gear IconX, underwhelmed, the Galaxy Buds seem to shine; with warm, deep bass, and good separation, music sounds great when played through these little buds. Of course, they won’t offer the same power or noise isolation as a pair of decent over-ear headphones, but for true wireless buds, the sound quality is very impressive.Image Credit: TechRadarA few extra features can be found within the Galaxy Wearable app, including an equalizer, which allows you to switch between different presets, including ‘Bass Boost; we didn’t feel the different presets had a huge effect on the soundstage of these buds, but it’s a nice touch nonetheless. The sound quality offered by these true wireless buds is also very good indeed, with deep bass, and a wide open soundstage; although, audiophiles may want to look elsewhere for a more natural sound treatment, as the Galaxy Buds do sound very warm.The stated battery life of six hours for the buds and seven hours for the case seemed about right to us, and while there were connectivity issues before Samsung’s latest software update, these issues seem to have been largely rectified.The downside here is that other features that are available on the app like ambient noise and the equalizer presets are useful to have, but didn’t always work as effectively as we hoped.

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