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Secretive NSA opens doors to new "collaboration center" as cyberthreats mount

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While most of the National Security Agency's (NSA) outposts are closed-off, highly restricted spaces, the agency's newly launched Cybersecurity Collaboration Center, located a few miles outside its main campus in Fort Meade, Maryland, is meant to serve as a gathering point for government and private sector cybersecurity experts to exchange information about hacking threats from adversaries in real time. "What we wanted to do was ensure that our space felt like the cybersecurity industry that we're partnering with."  Though it hadn't yet opened physically, one of the center's early mitigation efforts, Adamski said, involved the NSA's disclosure in January of 2020 of a critical vulnerability in Microsoft Windows 10. "It is the culmination of the recognition that we've had for years that the things we're attaching to the Internet that control things in the physical world bring vulnerabilities.""So as that threat evolves, we have to evolve," he said.Joyce, who succeeded Anne Neuberger, now the deputy national security adviser for cyber and emerging technology at the National Security Council, said the NSA was also drawing increasingly on its foreign partnerships, including the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance, for insights into how malign actors are operating."What we're finding is all our allies, whether it's across NATO or more broadly, have these same cybersecurity threats and they want to work with us, and one of the most common areas of desire for collaboration is on cybersecurity," Joyce said.

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