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Selma Blair's MS diagnosis reveals battle chronic illness sufferers like me fight to be taken seriously

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Blair followed up her Vanity Fair Oscars party red carpet walk with an interview on ABC “Good Morning America,” however, that candidly discussed her diagnosis and its aftermath..@ABC NEWS EXCLUSIVE: @SelmaBlair speaks with @RobinRoberts about her MS diagnosis, “I was giving it everything to seem normal.” spoke about how for years she had been “giving it everything to seem normal,” unaware that she was in the midst of an MS flare-up and had been since the 2011 birth of her son. But she has also highlighted a particularly sticky and frequently gendered issue felt acutely by those of us with chronic illness who can struggle for years to get the medical profession to even acknowledge something is amiss.“It’s called a snowflake disease because it’s different, like a fingerprint, for everyone,” Blair explained partway through her interview, detailing how her symptoms appeared in non-linear batches. This means, on average, there are thousands more women than men going to American doctors each year complaining of fatigue, headache, or pain only to have their symptoms dismissed or misdiagnosed as simply the consequences of modern living.And this phenomenon doesn’t simply impact women with chronic illnesses. The lack of a diagnosis felt like my fault.I can now appreciate the leap between “I’m in distress when I eat” and a relatively rare autoimmune form of adult diabetes is a large one, but I wonder too why we haven’t gotten better at considering it might not just be stress, or mommy fatigue, or any number of ailments that are relegated to the corners of “women’s pain.” Especially since we know, scientifically, that most serious chronic conditions creep in with initially innocuous symptoms.The Sunday before Blair’s interview on “Good Morning America,” I was discharged from the hospital following a four-day stay for a C.diff bacterial infection.

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