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Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: My national public service plan would give all Americans a path to the middle class

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What better way to counter President Trump’s division than to inspire and enable young people to do good with their lives?Here’s how my plan would work: Individuals who commit to serve one year of public service would be awarded tax-free financial assistance to attend two years of public or community college tuition-free, and those who serve two years would be able to attend four years free.Those public servants who don’t want to attend a public college or who already have received an undergraduate degree can use the equivalent tax-free financial assistance towards the cost of a private education, to get a graduate degree, to pay down existing student debt, to participate in an accredited job-training program, to start a business, or to purchase a home. A bonus financial award to pay down college debt, train for an in-demand job, start a business, or purchase a home would be made available to qualified graduates who locate to communities in particular need, such as rural and urban areas facing persistent poverty, population loss, or shortages in critical services.This is especially important in areas of Iowa and New Hampshire that are losing talented students to other cities and states with higher-paying jobs.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAs president, I would have my plan administered by a new Cabinet-level director of national public service to elevate the priority of public service for the government and our nation.

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