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'Sickening and saddening': #FreeBritney activists react to Britney Spears' testimony

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“I don’t want another family to go through what I have been through personally and what Britney is living through right now.”Read Britney Spears' full testimony hereBlack was one of dozens of people affiliated with the #FreeBritney movement who stood outside a Los Angeles courthouse Wednesday as Spears, 39, addressed a judge remotely, saying she felt traumatized by the people who have controlled her life for 13 years.The testimony was a pivotal and potentially vindicating moment for the loose collection of activists, fans and legal observers who in recent years have tried to draw attention to what they see as a craven plot to clamp down on the Grammy-winning singer’s personal rights.The release of The New York Times documentary “Framing Britney Spears” in February put more focus on the case, painting a troubling portrait of her life under the court-sanctioned guardianship and examining how the news media sensationalized her mental health struggles.The documentary further galvanized Spears’ fans, who have long felt a spiritual kinship with her and supported the #FreeBritney movement from its infancy — even as some critics dismissed their speculation as idle gossip or conspiratorial nonsense.In interviews Thursday, some of those fans said they were horrified to see their worst fears about her welfare confirmed in her testimony.Spears alleged that she has been subjected to numerous psychiatric evaluations and medications.

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