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Some secrets do keep. A year later, the Trump official who penned an explosive op-ed is still unknown.

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Almost a year later, we still don’t know.Outside of a tiny circle of insiders, no one knows who wrote the instantly viral op-ed column about President Trump that appeared in the New York Times last Sept. They said they verified the person’s identity through direct contact with the author and the “testimony” of an equally anonymous “trusted intermediary” who brokered the article to the newspaper.In the year since, the op-ed itself has largely been forgotten, new sensations and scandals burying it daily like the sediment of successive civilizations. Even his editor, Dan Menaker, thought the author was a woman, a bit of mistaken identity that Klein said he considered “high praise.”In the end, Klein said, he was done in by “a mistake”: He wrote a few words in the margins of a manuscript that somehow wound up in the hands of a Washington Post reporter, David Streitfeld (now at the New York Times). The secret held despite extravagant third-party investigations (former Nixon aide Leonard Garment wrote an entire book about it in 2000, “In Search of Deep Throat,” fingering the wrong guy).It wasn’t until 2005, as he neared death, that Mark Felt, a high-ranking FBI official during the Nixon years, stepped out of the metaphoric shadows and declared that he was Woodward’s source.During all the decades of Deep Throat’s anonymity, Woodward said he revealed Felt’s name to only three people: Bernstein; his Post editor, the late Ben Bradlee; and his wife, Elsa Walsh.“I always used to joke with Ben Bradlee that the only way three people could keep a secret is if two of them are dead,” said Woodward, citing a quip attributed to Benjamin Franklin.

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