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Southwest Airlines grounds its entire fleet amid giant computer outage

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Southwest Airlines grounded flights across the country Tuesday for the second time in less than 24 hours, amid reports of nationwide computer issues.Air travelers took to Twitter by the thousands with reports of what airline staff reportedly told them was a computer system outage — hours after “intermittent performance issues” with a third-party weather app forced a similar group stop Monday night.“We are aware of system issues and are working quickly to resolve. Airline operations resumed shortly before 4 p.m., Southwest said in a statement.The carrier attributed Tuesday’s meltdown to “intermittent performance issues with… network connectivity,” and said it had “proactively canceled” about 500 flights because of the disruption.“We’re working with those Customers to get them to their destinations as quickly as possible,” said spokesman Chris Mainz.The shutdown came after a glitch Monday night prevented “transmission of weather information that is required to safely operate our aircraft,” the airline told Fox Business.It was not immediately clear whether the two incidents were related.Southwest flyers expressed confusion on Twitter. Many said the airline informed them their flights were canceled and reported getting cut off from customer services after waiting hours on the line.sitting in the airport with 3 kids waiting to go home!

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