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Sudan troops clear protest camp in assault, killing 9

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Civilians were not allowed to walk in the streets, including women and children.Videos circulating online appeared to show protesters standing at low brick barricades in the street, then being driven back by walls of blue-clad security forces carrying sticks.Other videos showed protesters running through streets as gunshots were heard.The Sudanese Professionals Association, which has been spearheading the protests, accused the military of a “treacherous attempt to break up our sit-in.” The association called on supporters to engage in “total civil disobedience.”The Forces for Declaration of Freedom and Change, which represents the protesters in transition negotiations with the ruling generals, called for toppling the military council and urged people to take to the streets in protest.The U.S. Embassy in Sudan called on Sudanese security forces to stop what it said were “attacks against protesters and other civilians.” The embassy said via Facebook that apparent attempts to move against the protest camp in the capital are “wrong” and that it holds the country’s Transitional Military Council responsible for the attacks.Ifran Siddiq, the British ambassador in Sudan, said he is “extremely concerned” by the heavy gunfire he had heard from his official residence in Khartoum and the reports that Sudanese security forces were attacking the protest sit-in site.

As said here by BASSAM HATOUM and SAMY MAGDY