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Tabletop Simulator removes global chat amid LGBTQ moderation controversy

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In response, the developer has now taken down the game's global chat feature and announced a "renewed commitment to creating a culture that values inclusivity in board gaming and the world."The recent controversy began when a player going by the handle Xoe posted an extensive Google Doc documenting what she called "the suppression of gay/trans identities" in Tabletop Simulator's global chat. The chat logs cited in that doc include numerous instances of temporary bans issued right after Xoe discussed her personal sexual or gender identity in the chat.In those cases, moderators cited posted rules that "there is an expectation that discussion will be family friendly and centered around Tabletop Simulator, tabletop games, and chatting with other players." Moderators specifically told Xoe that "discussing sexuality has no place in global chat" and that "Tabletop Simulator is about playing tabletop games, not a place to discuss sexuality, fetishes, politics [emphasis added]. All we ask is that you chat about boardgames, rather than touchy subjects not relevant to what Tabletop Simulator is about."Writing in the Google Doc, though, Xoe said that discussing personal sexual and gender identity is necessary for some when looking for a group of supportive players to join in a game.

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