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Taking a trip this summer? Experts say you may want to consider taking out travel insurance

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"You also need to understand what is the trigger -- when do you need to notify your insurer that you are canceling the trip?"Friedlander also noted taking out a CFAR policy does not guarantee you'll receive all your money back should you cancel."Depending on who the writer is for the policy, you typically though will not get back 100% of your trip, even with full coverage," Friedlander said.How can you find out if the country you're visiting requires travel insurance?While countries mandating travelers to purchase insurance before entry is not exclusive to the pandemic, the requirement has become more prevalent. In addition, he said these policies are not likely to cover 100% of your trip should you cancel."For security of you and your travel companions, we recommend you consider a policy that does contain pandemic coverage so that you are financially protected for while you are overseas," Friedlander said.Keyes noted most people don't realize the coverage they have just by booking a flight through an airline, and also the coverage they may have if they purchased their tickets on a credit card."The main thing that I recommend looking at when you're looking at insurance is, what are you already covered for and what, in addition, will this insurance, additionally cover you?" Keyes said.

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