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Texas Democrats staged a walkout. Now they're heading to Washington to talk to the VP and Congress

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Some of the Texas Democrats who staged a walkout to defeat a sweeping election bill are in Washington, D.C., to crank up pressure on Senators to take action on voting rights.The lawmakers are expected to sit down with several members of Congress on Tuesday and are set to meet with Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday. Following a meeting Monday with voting rights advocates in Greenville, South Carolina, Harris told reporters that in some states, fundamental rights are being "trampled" upon and that the president is ready to sign into law both the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. She said the administration supports doing "everything that we could possibly do to push back against laws that are designed to suppress people's right to vote."At the rally Sunday in Austin, O'Rourke wants the message to be "loud and clear for the members of the U.S. Senate, for the president and for the country that Texas is on the front lines of this fight." "There really is no other option than to make the For the People Act work.

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