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The 10 Best Books About Adolescence, According to Psychologists

New York University
Deep Secrets
the Crisis of Connection
The Care and Keeping of You “
Girls & Sex
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Mary Borys
Karen Arluck
Matt Lundquist
Alexandra Goletka
Kristen Piering
Sonalee Rashatwar
Glenda Stoller
Sarah McCaslin
Daniel Siegel
Peggy Orenstein


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New York

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Positivity     42.00%   
   Negativity   58.00%
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Our panel of experts includes clinical psychologist Alexandra Goletka, psychologist Kristen Piering, clinical social worker and sex educator Sonalee Rashatwar, licensed clinical social worker Glenda Stoller, family therapist Sarah McCaslin, and professor of developmental psychology at New York University and author of Deep Secrets: Boys’ Friendships and the Crisis of Connection, Niobe Way. As always, each book comes recommended by at least two experts.“When talking about sex and puberty it is very important to address topics of sexuality from an early age,” says Goletka. “This is a great, accessible, and nonintimidating book, designed for younger girls, to help them understand and appreciate their changing bodies,” adds Piering.The Period Book, which was recommended by two of our experts, not only tackles puberty but has been updated to address the ways in which technology has impacted sexuality for today’s teens. Remember that “perceptions change as children get older, and the explanation that worked when your child was 5 will no longer work when your child is 12,” says Goletka.Borys recommends this book because not only does it “speak to the changes in your body during puberty, but it also addresses sexuality.” This revised edition also covers topics such as body image, sexual harassment, consent, and using social media safely.Lundquist recommends this book as the best comprehensive guide for teens.

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