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The 20 best things we bought on Amazon Prime Day 2021

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Fire TV
Coop Pillow
Prime Day's
Jive Stone
Amazon Warehouse
Insignia smart TV
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Ellen Hoffman
Sally Kaplan
Julia Pugachevsky
Jen Gushue
Lisa Sabatini
Jacqueline Saguin
– Lauren Savoie
Tercius Bufete
Prime Day
– Victoria Gracie
Maria Del Russo
Elisabeth Chambry
Antonio Villas-Boas
Lily Alig

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Amazon Prime Day

Google Nest Indoor Cam

Amazon Prime Day
Black Friday

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If you're still hoping to snag a good deal on the last day, we rounded up some of the best things the Insider Reviews team personally purchased during Prime Day, from smart TVs and video doorbells to beauty products and a year's supply of discounted toilet paper. – Julia Pugachevsky, education & personal development editorI bought a Coop Pillow last year on Prime Day but my partner and I recently upgraded to a King bed, so I needed a King-size pillow to match. – Ellen Hoffman, service journalism editor-in-chiefThe 501 denim shorts that put Levi's on the map is selling fast on Amazon, so I jumped on Prime Day's 30% off sale. – Jacqueline Saguin, style & beauty fellowOur executive editor turned me on to the fact that Prime Day is an excellent time to purchase a year's supply of – Tercius Bufete, deals editorLast Prime Day, I wanted to pick up a waterpik, but I couldn't snag one before they sold out. – Ellen Hoffman, service journalism editor-in-chiefI'm not a huge TV person, but I'm moving into a new place in September, and I wanted something small for my nightly "Real Housewives" binges. – Maria Del Russo, senior style & beauty editorI've been using this brow gel for 5+ years and it never fails to give me a fluffy look that stays in place all day. – Ellen Hoffman, service journalism editor-in-chiefMy partner and I just bought a new house, so this is the first time we've ever really had to consider home security. – Maria Del Russo, senior style & beauty editorWhile fancy gadgets and big kitchen upgrades get all the attention during Prime Day, I love the boring, necessary purchase.

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