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The 7 best turntables for your vinyl collection

DJ Prestige
Academy Records
LP120X USB Direct Drive Professional USB TurntableThe Audio-Technica LP
B&H Photo
Steinberg, Prestige
LP120X-USB Direct Drive Professional USB
Belt-Drive Stereo
Music Hall
LP 60
Davis and Prestige
Pro-Ject Audio Systems
Technics SL-1200MK7 Direct Drive Turntable
SystemVox Media

Mike Davis
Mark Steinberg
Jessica Lipsky
Paz —

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Technics 1200
Music Hall
TurntableMusic Hall
Belt-Drive Stereo
Direct Drive Turntable SystemAs

New York City’s

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But that’s not true, according to the experts we spoke with — including DJs, record store owners, and general vinyl geeks — all of whom assured us that you don’t need more than a turntable and a pair of powered speakers, or speakers with a built-in amplifier, to get started (Audioengine powered speakers, like the A2+ model on this list, are a good brand to start with, according to DJ Prestige of Flea Market Funk).When we chatted with the experts on the best turntables for people new to the world of playing records, each had their own favorites, but they all advised avoiding one very popular, all-in-one record player that comes in a suitcase. It actually replaces our experts’ beloved LP 120 (although discontinued, the 120 is still in stock here), which Mark Steinberg, the chief technologist and turntable specialist at B&H Photo and Video, says he’ll recommend to any customer — but he especially suggests it to those newer to vinyl who want something a little nicer to play their records on.This record player’s key feature is the magnet-powered “direct drive,” which is usually only found in professional-grade turntables or other, more expensive units. This feature, he explains, could be great if you’re new to vinyl and want to make things a little easier, but purists will likely prefer the feel and ritual of manual operation.Audio-Technica AT-LP60X Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo TurntableSony PS-LX300USB Fully Automatic USB Stereo TurntableFor another less expensive option for starter record collectors, music journalist Jessica Lipsky suggests this Sony belt-drive turntable, which she says she received ten years ago and still uses. The LP3, however, does not feature USB or Bluetooth connectivity.Audio-Technica AT-LP3 Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo TurntablePro-Ject Audio Systems Essential III TurntablePro-Ject “pretty much only makes turntables,” says Steinberg, who notes that many of its models are priced “in the thousands,” making something like this a great choice for someone who wants to dip their toes into the higher-end market.

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