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The best dorm room essentials for college students | Engadget

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Not all of our recommendations will be strictly tech-related here because, while tech is important in college (of course), we also wanted to cover the other essentials that will bring you the comforts of home to your dorm and hopefully make student life less stressful.Examples include kitchen items like an adjustable-temp electric kettle, a weighted blanket for reducing anxiety, and a mattress topper that will make that dorm bed much more comfortable. Whether you just want to chill out or make a few friends, we hope this list will help you settle into dorm life.Comfort is key to dorm living, which is why we recommend an oversized reading pillow like this one from Linenspa. As a bonus, there’s also a handle on the top that makes it easy to carry around.Buy LinenSpa pillow at Amazon - $40If you frequently use your laptop not just for work but also for watching videos and general entertainment, consider getting a portable desk that you can place on your lap. It’s also overall easy to use and fairly affordable, two things you can’t often say about fancy, expensive vacuums.Buy Black + Decker handheld vacuum at Amazon - $90You’re probably not allowed to have an Instant Pot in your dorm room, but one kitchen appliance that almost always gets the thumbs up is a microwave. For college students, we recommend the medium dish set — they’re sized just right for solo diners.Buy Medium cookware set at Anyday - $55If you’re like most college students, you’ll probably have your fair share of stress throughout the semester, which can make it harder to get enough sleep. They’ll go well in any decor and are sure to garner plenty of likes on Instagram.Buy Cotton Napper at Bearaby - $250Even though you could use your phone as an alarm clock, it’s still useful to have a dedicated device for the task. Of course, you can use boiling water to heat up other concoctions too, like hot cocoa mix or cup noodles.Buy OXO kettle at Amazon - $100Chances are, the bed in your dorm room isn’t very comfortable. You could also use these containers to grab a hot dinner from the dining hall on your way to a group study session.Buy Rubbermaid Brilliance container at Amazon - $17College life isn’t all work and stress — sometimes you’ll want to have parties and blast your favorite tunes.

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