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The Best Pilates Mats, According to Pilates Instructors

Black Girl Pilates
Balanced Body
BK Pilates
Core Rhythm Fitness
Karen Lord Pilates Movement
the Balanced Body EcoWise Mat
Dynamic Body Pilates
with.”Annie Vennier
Le Petit Studio
the Pilates Nook
Manduka Pro
East River Pilates
Get the Strategist's

Sonja Herbert
Marina Kaydanova
Rodrick Covington
Karen Lord
Erika Bloom
Erika Bloom Pilates
Hugger Mugger’s
Rebecca Lubart
Rowena Villanueva
Kimmy Kellum

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Pilates Reformer
Sattva Jute Yoga Mat

New York

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“Because of the nice price point, I have one in my car, a few at home, and a handful at each of my studios so I can easily practice on my own or with my loved ones and clients.”Covington also named Hugger Mugger mats as his “favorite,” and praised the mat’s “super-thick and complete nonstick grip that lies down on the floor perfectly.”A couple of experts recommended the brand Airex, which Rebecca Lubart, founder of Dynamic Body Pilates, says is “great if you have sensitive knees or a sensitive spine, so you’re not kneeling directly on the floor.” The cushioning of the mat can be used to avoid stress on sore body parts. She says, “If you’re doing an activity where you may sweat a lot, a mat like Jade yoga mats is ideal because they have a bit more grip to them.” They’re great for people without injuries or sensitivities because they are thin, “making you have better connection with the floor and less slip.” A thin mat is also “ideal for on-the-go travel,” Lubart says.Herbert calls this mat “the most economical, and yet still supportive with lots of cushion for the spine.” She says, “It’s easy to travel with and is best for home use or to take to outdoor classes. Covington also named Stott’s mats in his list of favorites, calling them “perfection,” and noting that they offer a more affordable mat option.Rowena Villanueva, owner of the Pilates Nook, says that she uses EcoWise mats in her studio: “They just have the right thickness and grip to provide a cushion and joint support during all Pilates mat exercises.

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