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The danger of running as a Bush in the Trump era

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At a recent campaign event that drew more than 100 Asian Americans to a mansion here, dozens lined up for photos with him before crowding into a small concert hall to hear Bush tout his campaign to keep "the most diverse congressional district in the entire United States of America" in GOP hands.Advertisement"I realized that if we didn’t have a candidate that could reach out to the incredible diversity — by the way, diversity is our strength, let’s be honest about that — to the incredible diversity that makes up this district, then we were going to lose this congressional district to a Democrat,” he said.Top party strategists believe his profile as the CEO of the largest Big Brothers Big Sisters affiliate in the country, and his family’s long-standing cachet in Texas, is precisely what they need to hold on to the state’s rapidly diversifying suburbs.But first he has to make it through two rounds of GOP primaries in Donald Trump's Republican Party, a test of the public’s appetite for a Bush — even in Texas — at a time when his family name has been disparaged by the president.His predicament is an extreme version of the conundrum plaguing the party in swing districts: The candidate who’s perhaps best positioned to win sometimes struggles to gain traction in a system that rewards blind fealty to the president.The open-seat race Texas’s 22nd District, which spans the southern suburbs of Houston, has drawn a massive field of 15 Republicans. And his grandfather’s and uncles' open distaste for Trump puts him in somewhat of a bind.While canvassing one weekend this month in Pearland with his wife, Sarahbeth, and their Instagram-famous dog, Winston Moose, it took only a few minutes for Bush to run into a voter who called his grandfather “a good man.” But, he said, he would not be supporting any Republican for Congress.“He was a good man, but why can’t you vote for us?” Bush asked.The reply: “Because I don’t support the individual at the top.”Bush takes family comments in stride and has a polite and friendly campaign-style. Wall has substantial name ID after a failed 2018 run in a neighboring district, and Nehls has a formidable base in Fort Bend.Advocates for all of the top candidates have pitched people in the president's political orbit on an endorsement, according to a source familiar with those conversations, though Trump has stayed out of the race thus far.Bush's path to victory is likely to raise the turnout in the March 3 race beyond the GOP activist class, and an early-vote analysis conducted by the Bush campaign found that 20 percent of Republicans who have early voted so far are participating in a Texas GOP primary for the first time.

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