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The Dyson V15 Detect's laser proved my apartment was never really clean | Engadget


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It’s more powerful than my own Xiaomi stick vac (and the Dyson V6 I owned several years ago), while swapping out the cleaning heads makes it suitable for both carpets and hard floors (or a mix of both, like my own). It makes a compelling case for high-end stick vacuums.The marquee new features — an acoustic piezo sensor and laser head — are aimed at reassuring you that that your house is indeed cleaner.While there are several notable features on the V15 Detect, let’s start with the showiest one, the laser ‘blade’ light on the cleaning head. From this, the V15 can display a particle count of your clean on an LCD display on the back of the vacuum, laying out whether you’re sucking up lots of larger particles or finer dust.Let’s be honest: the size of particles doesn’t really help improve my cleaning — nor does knowing that I’ll pull in millions of particles every time I swing the V15 through my home. You’ll still have to hold down the trigger — and keep it held down — until you’re done cleaning, adding to the effort needed.The V15 is a total beast at extracting ingrained dust and dirt in carpets and rugs — areas where the laser doesn’t even work, due to the uneven surface. It’s also not the company’s most expensive stick vacuum, with that honor going to the $800 V11 Outsize, which has a bigger dust compartment and cleaning head.I’m explaining away the V15’s asking price, but this remains a high-end vacuum for people willing to stump up for it.

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