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The marijuana industry needs innovation to thrive

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People get excited about the possibilities of the shiny new concept, they dump money into stocks, they start businesses in the industry, and they push public enthusiasm even higher. Entrepreneurs became excited, and started launching new sites and new businesses mimicking the strategies of their counterparts (which, let’s face it, weren’t very well-formed).The end result was a market full of amateur entrepreneurs focused more on getting a slice of the pie than developing something truly new, or something that really made the most of the new technology, as well as amateur investors dumping money into stocks just because they capitalized on some “game-changing” trend. They had good reason to be excited, but the enthusiasm pushed the boundaries of what was appropriate, and got placed on companies whose only saving graces were the fact that they were associated with the internet.Starting a company or investing in a company just because it’s tangentially related to marijuana is a bad idea, not just for you, but for the economy at large. Though recreational marijuana isn’t going to be as far-reaching or game-changing as the internet, it does carry substantial power, and if the market gets too hot or too crowded, it could spark a wave of failed investments and collapsing businesses that results in a full-blown economic recession.The solution, of course, is to focus on truly innovative ideas.

As said here by Larry Alton