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The pro-life position on Tinslee Lewis is to take her off life support and end her suffering

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Her landmark legal case went all the way to the Supreme Court, which found in the Quinlans' favor.Unfortunately, some in our movement have shifted from simply protecting ordinary care to pushing to establish extraordinary care as the new standard.The decision was important for me and others in the pro-life community for confirming the standard of ordinary versus extraordinary care. No one can reasonably argue that the care Tinslee receives is ordinary.To deal with heart-wrenching scenarios such as these, the state has a carefully constructed law respectful of pro-life concerns about end-of-life treatments and interventions, which balances the need to protect life, patient dignity and the conscience rights of providers. According to the doctors we've consulted with on this case, a typical hospital transfer takes only three to four days.The mounting health care costs that would result from mandating extraordinary care, regardless of the futility, risks a renewed push — and acceptance — of euthanasia.Worse yet, the pro-life group that's helping to bring this legal challenge is trying to change the concept of what constitutes euthanasia.

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