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The Recovery Room: News beyond the pandemic ? December 11

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And in related news, a plant-based diet might help people achieve weight loss, according to a new study covered by Medical News Today this week. Meanwhile, a report finds that stevia, a sweetener of choice for millions of people, may also be entangled with the bacteria that live in our guts, and possibly not in a good way.We also explore how running and walking compare for achieving weight loss and fitness goals, with another article to help improve your athletic mobility before venturing out, which could help you avoid the dreaded shin splints.Below are 10 recent stories that may have gone unnoticed amid all the COVID-19 fervor.It’s never too late to maintain a moderate weight, according to new research covered by MNT this week. Our report proved popular this week, with nearly 30,000 sessions to date.Learn more here.Another of this week’s most popular articles looked at recent evidence supporting the role of a plant-based diet in weight loss. However, new evidence suggests that by disrupting our gut bacteria, stevia may be harmful to our health after all.In this article, our editors dig deeper into the study, which looks at two forms of the sweetener, and how the findings may shape future guidelines for stevia intake.Learn more here.Finally this week, we published an in-depth article on group therapy.

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