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The Recovery Room: News beyond the pandemic ? May 21

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We finish with a startling report on how animals can breathe through their intestines, together with new articles on bees, the function of dreams, and the benefits of pink drinks along the way.We highlight this research below, along with several other recent stories that you may have missed amid all the COVID-19 fervor.To support National Cancer Research Month, MNT published a significant new article highlighting research that the leading cancer experts we approached are most excited about. Their social behavior has also inspired a better understanding of how humans interact on a large scale and reveal our effect on the environment.However, bee populations are declining because of the effects of pesticides and the growth of towns and cities, so this article ends with advice on how we can each monitor and help protect their vital role in ecosystems everywhere.Learn more here.New research, reported in MNT this week, has found that people with a healthy heart performed significantly better in cognitive ability tests than those with a less healthy heart.This was a large study with more than 29,763 participants living in the United Kingdom. One possibility is the presence of beta-amyloid proteins in heart tissue, fragments of which scientists often associate with Alzheimer’s disease.Learn more here.The latest edition in our Honest Nutrition series focuses on genetically modified (GM) foods — what they are, how and why they are created, and the common myths surrounding them.Are GM foods dangerous, and do they cause allergies in some people? Read the article to learn more about this unusual combination of gastronomy and performance nutrition.Learn more here.A new study suggests that people can be “vaccinated” against misinformation by strengthening their awareness of possible manipulation.

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