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These designers want to hide a cryptocurrency mining farm in a skyscraper water park

Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

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Marko Dragicevic


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Abad Hills

eVolo competition

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But let’s try.The plans show a cryptocurrency mining farm, swimming pools, shopping mall, food court, and a spa all wrapped around each other, blurring the lines between form and true function.The idea is to create an off-grid, glass-encased water park that secretly mines cryptocurrency all day, every day, all year long.The plans have been proposed in response to US sanctions being placed on Iran and were submitted to this year’s eVolo architecture magazine skyscraper competition, Design Boom reports.The tower is designed to address three key challenges associated with covertly mining cryptocurrency: cooling, energy, and secrecy.The tower would house a tank at the very top to provide water for the swimming park, and cooling for the cryptocurrency mining hardware; it’ll also generate energy as it flows down from the top of the tower through hydroelectric turbines.Credit: Design BoomThe water park, food court, and other leisure facilities would provide the cover and disguise for what is really going on beneath: cryptocurrency mining.If the plans materialize, the skyscraper would tower 560 meters over Tehran from the Abbas Abad Hills.Designers are dubbing it the post-JCPOA tower as a political statement against the anti-nuclear Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) sanctions placed against the country.The JCPOA sanctions placed on Iran created a number of challenges for the country.

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