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This $120 Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera Is for Film Lovers

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I feel something similar every time I see a great film photograph of someone doing nothing special, like sitting at the desk in their first dorm room, hanging out on a road trip with friends, or moving into a new apartment.Enter the Paper Shoot digital camera, a device that approximates the feel and aesthetic of a film camera without the hassle of developing. As a film fan who was craving a more immediate experience—I use film cameras regularly, but buying and developing film is pricey and takes forever—I knew this device was exactly what I needed.Like an old-school analog camera, there are no screens on the Paper Shoot. The only other button on the Paper Shoot is the shutter, which is placed on the front of the camera, right where your pointer finger naturally wants to sit when holding it.You assemble the Paper Shoot yourself.Paper Shoot CameraRating: 9/10If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission. Please also consider subscribing to WIREDThese cameras come as a few separate pieces: the slim circuit board, which has a cavity for two AAA batteries (rechargeable ones are recommended), and the stiff case cut out of “stone paper,” a material made from powdered stone that's been pressed into a sheet. Even most of the Polaroids and other instant cameras we've tested cost more, and with those you have to factor in the cost of instant film, which is pricey.The Paper Shoot comes with a basic lens, but other lenses can be swapped in to add special effects. Lastly, the Paper Shoot is in high demand and stock is low, so you might have to order the camera and wait a few weeks for it to arrive.Despite these few flaws, I still consider the fun little camera to be an integral addition to my collection. The Paper Shoot is a basic, easy-to-use camera that makes beautiful photos, and you don't need a ton of knowledge to use it.Paper Shoot CameraRating: 9/10If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission.

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