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Thousands of COVID-19 'long-haulers' have symptoms months after diagnosis - Business Insider

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Four months after his first symptom, he still feels sick, he's always tired, and he has brain fog."It's like a dream that is getting longer for me to wake up," Martinez said. Hector Martinez, 33, said he's still suffering from brain fog and always feel tired and anxious four months after his first COVID-19 symptom. "Or they may also have headaches, numbness, sleep disturbance, cognitive problems, as well as mood issues."Cardiologist Sadiya Khan says fatigue is one of the most common post-COVID symptoms she's seeing in her practice."With coronavirus, what we're seeing is that feeling of being wiped out or extraordinarily tired weeks later, or even months later," Khan said. I have no idea when I'm going to feel like myself again, or when I'm going to get back to the things that I like to do."Early on in the pandemic, public health officials said that recovering from COVID-19 generally takes about two weeks and that older people were more at risk.

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