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Trump's immigration deal with Guatemala: Women and children make up majority of asylum-seekers sent to Guatemala by the U.S.

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Women and children make up a majority of the nearly 400 asylum-seekers the Trump administration has shipped to Guatemala since it began implementing a controversial agreement with that Central American nation.As of Tuesday, U.S. immigration officials have sent 378 asylum-seeking migrants from Honduras and El Salvador to Guatemala, denying them the opportunity to request refuge in the U.S. and forcing them to choose between returning home or seeking protection in Guatemala. If the migrants fail to prove they are "more likely than not" to face persecution in Guatemala, they are sent there within days since the decision by asylum officers can't be reviewed by an immigration judge.So far, U.S. officials have subjected Honduran and Salvadoran migrants to the agreement, and have not moved forward with a controversial plan to send Mexican asylum-seekers to Guatemala, a proposal that drew objections from Mexico's government.The Department of Homeland Security did not respond to a series of questions, including one on whether the agreement's stated objectives are undermined by the fact that few of those subjected to it have chosen to seek refuge in Guatemala.

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