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Vicky White news - latest: Funeral being held for prison guard as Casey White?s mother speaks out

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The service is taking place at Center Hill Cemetery in Lexington, Alabama, about 24 miles away from the jail where the couple made their dramatic escape.Dramatic police footage has been released of the moment that capital murder suspect Casey Cole White was captured and his prison guard lover Vicky White’s body was pulled from their vehicle with a gun still in her hand.Evansville Police Department shared the footage on Tuesday night as the coroner ruled the 56-year-old corrections officer’s death a suicide and the 38-year-old career criminal was sent back to Alabama to face charges.Shocking 911 audio also revealed that Ms White was on the phone to a 911 dispatcher at the time of the crash and urged her lover of two years “let’s get out and run” moments before apparently shooting herself in the head.Ms White and White, who was serving a 75-year sentence and awaiting a murder trial for the slaying of a 58-year-old woman, were finally tracked down to Evansville, Indiana, on Monday after spending 10 days on the run.Catch up on the dramatic footage here with this story from Rachel Sharp.Coroner ruled Vicky White’s death a suicide and shocking audio revealed she was on the phone to a 911 dispatcher at the time of the crashIt seems hardly a day goes by without a true crime story being given the premium TV treatment, from HBOMax’s The Staircase, to Hulu’s The Dropout.Officials are still unraveling the story of how corrections official Vicky White helped break out alleged lover Casey White from an Alabama prison, but that hasn’t stopped some rather macabre speculation online about who might play Ms White in the glossy TV dramatisation.Some suggested Charlize Theron and Adam Driver to play the pair of fugitives, while another commenter joked it should be Patricia Arquette.Vicky White, the corrections official who allegedly aided in the escape of Alabama inmate Casey White, before taking her own life during a police manhunt, will be buried on Saturday at 1pm CT at a cemetery in Lexington, Alabama.In addition to a small number of family members at the service, anonymous members of the public appear to be offering support on an online memorial wall.“I pray for all of you to have the peace that passes all understanding,” wrote one commenter.

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