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Vicky White news - latest: Funeral for prison guard set as police say fugitive couple staged dry run of escape

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He looks unaffected.White was captured in Evanston, Indiana, on Monday after 11 days on the run with his prison guard lover Vicky White.Capital murder suspect Casey Cole White claimed that he was innocent of the brutal killing of 58-year-old mother-of-two Connie Ridgeway almost as soon as he was captured, according to a police report.At the hospital, the report mentions that “Mr White also kept stating that he did not kill Connie Ridgeway.” Police said that White also continued to ask about the condition of his “wife” Vicky White.Read the full story here:Casey White is due to stand trial in June for the 2015 stabbing murder of Connie Ridgeway Alabama capital murder suspect Casey Cole White claimed that he had also been shot in the head as he was pulled from the car wreck where his jailhouse lover Vicky White lay dying from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to a police report.New documents, filed by Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office and seen by The Independent, reveal that the 38-year-old also had “a small amount of blood” on the back of his head when he was taken into police custody on Monday at the end of a 10-day manhunt, according to police.Read the full story by Rachel Sharp here:An account from one officer on the scene also indicates that Vicky White shot herself after the car came to a stop and that Casey White appeared to have his hands out of the window at the moment she pulled the triggerA petition has been started to pressure law enforcement and the Governor of Alabama to pay up on their reward offers to “Car Wash James,” the car wash owner who called police when he spotted capital murder suspect Casey White and corrections officer Vicky White in Indiana.The US Marshal Service announced a total $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest White and information on Ms White, and Alabama Governor Kay Ivey offered a total of $10,000 for the capture of the couple.Amber Savallo, who started the petition, told WSILTV that the car wash owner, James Stinson, should be rewarded for his report.“He said if you see something, say something and he did.

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