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Virginia Beach gunman baffles authorities; suspect was in 'good standing' in his job

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–  The longtime Virginia Beach public works employee accused of the nation's latest mass shooting put in his two-weeks notice Friday morning, hours before the attack that killed 12 and wounded four, city officials said Sunday. He said nothing has stuck out that could explain why the gunman snapped.Authorities worked to put all the pieces together and track the shooter’s exact movements Friday to see whether there were any signs, but Cervera said, “Anecdotally, what I’m hearing is it was a regular workday.”NEW: Virginia Beach City Manager says gunman had given his two-week notice Friday morning — hours before he killed 12 at his workplace shooting victims all had multiple operations and were recovering Sunday at two area hospitals. “What took place in this city is not who we are,” Shank said.Craddock was described by police and those who knew him as an enigma who gave no indication that he stockpiled an arsenal and planned a systematic assault on his colleagues.More: Virginia Beach victims remembered with songs and sermons at vigilsCraddock, a 15-year veteran of public works and a civil engineer, was still employed at the time of the rampage and had a pass to enter the secure inner offices and conference rooms.Police arrived two minutes after emergency calls about shots fired at Virginia Beach's municipal building No. 2  at 4:08 p.m., Cervera said Sunday.He described the three-story municipal building with a basement as a "honeycomb," a maze of doors, stairwells and offices used by city municipal workers.In a chaotic scenario, four officers scoured the building, searching for the shooter. The attacker brought numerous extended magazines, which carry more rounds than traditional ones.“Clearly this was an individual who did understand and have experience with firearms and had given potentially some forethought into the advantage that using a suppressor would offer him, particularly the suppressor coupled with the caliber of weapon he was using,” said Thor Eells, executive director of the National Tactical Officers Association and a retired law enforcement officer with the Colorado Springs Police Department, where he oversaw a SWAT division.More: A 'woman of God,' a Scottish music lover: These are the victims of Virginia Beach shootingThe image of a public works employee holed up with a silencer and extended magazines engaged in a merciless assault is a far cry from how Craddock's neighbors saw him.Congregants hold hands in prayer during a service at Lifehouse Virginia Beach Church on June 2, 2019.

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