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Virginia Beach officials expect to release additional details of mass shooting

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VIRGINIA BEACH — De­Wayne Craddock submitted a letter of resignation from his job as an engineer for the city of Virginia Beach on Friday morning, hours before murdering twelve people at the government building where he worked, officials said Sunday. He next killed a woman who was on her way out of the office before using his badge to access the building’s second floor and begin shooting indiscriminately.“We were moving at a rapid pace,” he told reporters, but “we had no idea where the suspect was.” Building 2, built in the 1970s is a “honeycomb” with many additions and subdivisions, he said: “It’s a maze where the workers are.”Five to eight minutes after entering the building, he said, officers encountered Craddock on the second floor and “immediately engaged in a gun battle.”Two detectives were the first to enter the building, followed by a pair of uniformed K-9 officers who also got there fast.Cervera called the exchange a “long gun battle” with the number of rounds fired “well into the double digits.” The shooter was still moving, Cervera said, firing through doors and walls.

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