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SOURCE: http://www.businessinsider.com/wework-interested-in-john-legere-because-of-t-mobile-success-2019-11
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Legere, on the other hand, was able to take T-Mobile from its position firmly in fourth place among America's top telecommunications companies and make it the country's fastest growing, since taking over in 2012.He took the company public and invested heavily in its network and revamped its corporate culture, transforming a company known for its bad cell service and customer service alike, into one that not only overtook Sprint but is set to merge with it next year. In his early days, Legere wrote a manifesto, but it wasn't like the one Neumann wrote for WeWork, proclaiming that its core business of co-working space would "elevate the world's consciousness." Legere's manifesto declared the T-Mobile he was about to build as the "Un-carrier," the one that would highlight all of the reasons why customers would hate their wireless carrier, like hidden fees and unbearable customer service — and do the opposite.It can be hard to imagine now, but Legere used to have slick-back hair and a penchant for suits, untl he decided that part of his brand turnaround would involve him as the personification of the new T-Mobile.

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