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What exactly is Tom Steyer planning to do?

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I want to get a job so I can do these things," he said.He acknowledges the path to get there is more than a little tricky, but it goes something like this: do well in South Carolina, proving he has support among black voters, then use that as a springboard to win delegates next week on Super Tuesday in states such as California and Texas, where he has had people on the ground and TV ads on the air for weeks.He's then banking on other candidates' dropping out as their money dries up so he can press his financial advantage in a smaller field in which he'll argue that, between Sanders and former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, he's the Goldilocks candidate.As he put it at a breakfast hosted by the Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network on Wednesday morning, he's not a "socialist who wants the government to take over big parts of the economy" nor "the Republican mayor of New York City."Steyer has focused on South Carolina from his first day in the race and has been accused here of buying support by putting local elected officials and activists on his payroll and offering to pay for renovations to a black church via his foundation.But Trav Robertson, the chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, who is neutral in the primary, noted that Steyer and his wife have for 15 years helped provide access to capital for minority-owned banks, including the largest one in the state."So I think that it is really understating his involvement in communities of color across South Carolina and the country just to say, 'Oh, this is a rich guy buying his way in,'" Robertson said.The South Carolina focus has made Steyer a threat to Biden, who aggressively attacked Steyer for the first time Tuesday night by noting that the former hedge fund manager invested in private prison companies.But Rep. Cedric Richmond of Louisiana, a former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus who supports Biden, wouldn't go so far as to tell Steyer he should drop out."I'm not in the life coaching business," Richmond said.Alex Seitz-Wald is senior digital politics reporter for NBC News.© 2020 NBC UNIVERSAL

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