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What top pediatricians want you to know about the delta variant and children

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Local governments and school districts have the authority to make their own decisions about mask-wearing, even for unvaccinated students.Versalovic said that while wearing masks was a politically charged debate, "it's certainly important to consider the importance of masking in schools, in addition to sanitizing."Parents with children ages 12 and older should also consider the amount of time between two doses of the vaccines, he said."Now is the time to consider vaccinating a child before the next school year," he said.Green said parents with children with underlying medical conditions or in states with low vaccination rates that restrict masks in schools might have much more difficult decisions."It is really, I think, a hard decision that parents have to make," said Green, who is involved in the care of children who have had organ transplants."When school districts choose to do it their own way and not to enforce masking at all, I suspect that we may learn that that's not a good thing to do," he said, adding, "The fear is that there will be more spread within schools than that we've seen previously."Medical experts said it was important for parents to be informed about whether summer camps were following public health guidelines and what safety measures they were taking to protect children.Lighter said parents should try to find out the Covid-19 protocols of a camp, such as what symptom screening or testing it is doing, what its mask policies are for indoor and outdoor activities and the vaccination policies for its staff.

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