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When Joe Biden met Brayden: How a chance meeting led to a stirring convention moment

the Democratic National Convention."He

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— It was probably one of the lowest points of Biden’s campaign, and everyone was exhausted.After a humbling fourth-place showing in the Iowa caucuses and an overnight flight to New Hampshire — where things didn’t promise to go much better — the only thing standing in the way of some desperately-needed sleep for the Biden campaign, his traveling press corps, and of course, Joe Biden himself, was the rope line after his second and final stop of the day, a small town hall meeting at a union hall in Concord.And then Joe met Brayden.Owen Harrington brought his son to the event, hoping to provide his son with an important life lesson: this man who fought a stutter in his childhood went on to become the Vice President of the United States, and perhaps soon president. He showed him a book of poetry similar to the one Biden used to read from in the mirror as he fought the stutter.Without ever making an explicit connection, the Biden campaign offered a powerful contrast to President Donald Trump, who has mocked people with disabilities and in their view can’t come close to Biden's “superpower” of empathy and compassion."When he was a little boy, he couldn't string more than three words together at a time,” Biden’s sister, Valerie Biden Owens, told NBC News this week in an exclusive interview. And he's not gonna let any little boy or girl who stutter or don't look like anybody else, or hold different values, he's not gonna let them be bullied, either."Biden ended the most important speech of his political life quoting one of those poets whose words he used to practice with.“The Irish poet Seamus once wrote, ‘History says don't hope on this side of the grave but then once in a lifetime the long tidal wave of justice can hope and history rhyme.’ This is our moment to make hope and history rhyme, with passion and purpose,” Biden said.Mike Memoli is an NBC News correspondent.

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