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Which 2020 NBA Free Agents Will Get the Worst Contracts?

The Brooklyn Nets
The Portland Trail Blazers
The Sacramento Kings
the Toronto Raptors
the Western Conference
the Los Angeles Clippers
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Allen Crabbe's
Bogdan Bogdanovic
De'Aaron Fox
Marvin Bagley III
Lou Williams
Serge Ibaka
Marcus Morris Sr

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A four-time All-Star who hasn't averaged fewer than 20 points per game since 2012-13, he likely still sees himself as a starter and presumably wants to be paid like one.If he opts out and signs for starter-level money, he would have to reverse a decade-long trend to live up to the deal.Serge Ibaka had a solid season for the Toronto Raptors in 2019-20, starting just under half his 55 games, averaging 15.4 points and shooting 38.5 percent from three.In fact, he may have been good enough to convince some team to pay him eight figures per year over the next three or four seasons. He was near the magic threshold of 40 percent from three this season, but he was at 29.0 percent in 2018-19.If the blocks continue to fall, that wild-card shooting ability would become his calling card.Following their collapse after leading the Denver Nuggets 3-1 in the Western Conference semifinals, it's hard to imagine the Los Angeles Clippers going through the 2020 offseason without some significant shakeups.And unless Marcus Morris Sr. is ready to enter the "take small contracts for the rest of my career while chasing a title" phase of NBA life, he seems like a pretty obvious potential change.Morris signed a one-year, $15 million deal with the New York Knicks last summer, presumably hoping to build enough value during the campaign to sign a better contract in 2020.With the Knicks, he put up 19.6 points per game and shot 43.9 percent from deep.

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